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Art & Framing Solutions is a part of Discount Glass & Mirror which enables us to make the highest quality custom framed mirrors at the most affordable prices. Our moulding database boasts over 86,000 unique frames styles to choose from. We offer all different types of mirrors including colors, patterns and antique as well as different treatments like bevels, v-grooves and sandblasting. Our woodworking department can build large substrates that enable us to build extremely large custom framed mirrors. 



French Cleats are a great way to hang an unframed mirror. The wood cleat is inset on the back and it bumps the mirror off the wall ¾” giving it a floating effect. It’s a clean looking install that does not require using any mastic, L channel or additional support which also makes it a less permanent installation. 

We also build deeper box cleats at 1 ½” that we wrap with LED lights around for backlit mirrors. Backlit mirrors have become extremely popular and there are a lot of fun options. The mirror itself can be embellished with different edgework like bevel, v-grooves or sandblasting. The lights can be different temperatures, with a dimmer or even color changing with a remote. 

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