Vintage Poster

Vintage Poster

We love getting in vintage posters!

This poster was designed by Henri Delval, circa 1930. It’s an ad for Fap’anis, an anise flavored beverage meant to mirror the taste and effect of absinthe. Rumor has it that Fap’anis was banned in France. Too delicious??

We decided floating the poster within a frame would give the piece a modern twist. We used a Larson-Juhl floater from the Hughes Walnut collection. In order to maintain the integrity and worth of the poster itself, we needed to carefully mount the poster (which already had a linen backing) onto mat board with reversible adhesive. The mounting process took two days, one 48×96 table, eight spring clamps, and a whole lot of Yes! paste. We added a stretcher bar to the inside of the float frame to secure the piece at the selected depth and to float it away from the inside of the frame. Check out the photos above to see the frame and an up-close picture of the finished piece.

The poster with the mat and frame came to a final size of 70″ x 53″!




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