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(See also Military Shadow Boxes)

Shadow box frames and displays are used where items thicker than paper are framed.  These items can be anything from a medal which may only require inch of depth to a baseball bat requiring 3 inches or more.  The idea of framing objects is to create a tableau which both displays and protects treasured items.

Theater shadowbox "Love from Grandma"

There are a number of methods for creating shadow boxes.  Firstly, frames with deeper than normal rabbet depths can be used to provide the needed space.  This we often use when relatively flat items and plaques are placed within the same frame.

T-shirt in shadowbox

Detail of plaque

T-shirt with plaque in shadow box Detail of plaque

A second method is to use a plexiglass box which can be made which fit into any standard wooden frame.  We use this for objects such as musical instruments and masks.

Thirdly, a regular frame may be used, and the object "overlaps" the frame as no glass is used.  This is called an open shadowbox, as the viewer can get up close to the objects and experience the immediate impact.  We often frame signed sports memorabilia using this method so that it is possible to turn the objects around to view all the signatures.  Swords and military items also lend themselves to this type of display.

Baseballs and bats in open shadow box

Footballs in open shadow box

Baseballs and bats in open shadow box Footballs in open shadow box

In those cases where we do not have the perfect frame available, our carpenter creates a frame of the necessary depth from whatever wood is chosen.  The bare wooden  frame is then stained and waxed.  The sides of the frame are covered with matboard to match the finished work of art.

5" moulding profile

Jacket and Moccasins given by Geronimo

Joining frame

Moulding  Indian jacket and moccasins given by Geronimo
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