Our showroom boasts one of the largest moulding selections in San Diego. The styles we offer come in every taste, color, and budget. 

The moulding options in our showroom are only a small portion of what is available to us. We are happy to search our vast database of frames until we find what suits your needs. Come visit us and let our designers help you find the perfect option for your framing project.

We carry everything from basic contemporary styles to:

  • Ornate

  • Hand Finished

  • Leather

  • Closed Corner

  • Acrylic

  • Water Gilded

  • Aluminum

  • Barn Wood

  • Floater

  • Shadowbox

  • Wood Tone

  • And everything in between!

Moulding Sample Wall Plum
Moulding Sample Wall White
Moulding Sample Wall Silver
Moulding Sample Wall Gold and Bronze
Closed Corner and Leather Frames
Prisma Frames
Moulding Sample Wall Colors