Hanging Hardware

Hanging Hardware2017-01-06T13:08:50+00:00

There are several different types of hanging hardware and mounting systems we use. They vary based on the size and weight of the piece, as well as location and wall material.

For most framed mirrors or heavier pieces of art, we use “zbar.” This is a cleat system where we attach one cleat to the frame, and one to the wall. Zbar can support a lot of weight, and is very easy to install. Unless we are installing the mirrors, we do not provide the wall screws.

For unframed mirrors, we use french cleats. French cleats give the mirror a “floating” effect. They can support a huge amount of weight, and do much less damage to your wall than glued mirrors.

For smaller pieces of framed art, you have a choice of which type of hanging hardware you prefer. We have sawtooth hangers, D-rings or strap hangers, and wire.

We also sell security hardware, which can be used to lock frames to the wall. This acts as theft prevention as well as added earthquake security.